Decroí originates in Ireland. It is a story of love, passion, determination and fond childhood memories. These attributes were the inspiration for the Decroi range of products. They uniquely care for your skin, your body, your home and the environment. In my childhood, my mother often offered us homemade, delicious, healthy meals saying they were made with a heart and a half. This creative ethos stayed with me to this day. They are the very core that inspired me to create quality products, from the heart, centered on 'clean' beauty solutions to enhance our everyday lives  Decroí is a term coined by merging two Gaelic words, 'de' and 'croí' (pronounced decree).together they mean 'from the heart'. They exemplify the wholesome ethos of our range of products.

As a qualified Medicinal Chemist and a Toxicologist, I have formulated the Decroi range of non-toxic, clean, eco-friendly effective skincare which are composed of carefully selected organic and vegan ingredients. They embrace a love of nature, beauty, quality and our environment. The Decroí story truly comes from the heart. Enjoy these attributes as it unfolds.