The story of Decroí

Decroí originates in Ireland and is a story that starts with love, passion, a sprinkle of determination and some fond childhood memories. With each chapter it offers new adventures in caring for your skin, your body and your home while being kind to the environment. 

Decroí is a term coined from the merging of the words 'de' and 'croí' which together mean 'from the heart'. Here at Decroí our inspiration for all our creations stem 'from the heart'. This is a concept of taking action fostered in me as a child. In fact, going all the way back to my childhood, my mother often offered us homemade, delicious, healthy meals by saying they were made with a heart and a half. This creative ethos resonates with me to this day. Indeed, these once upon a time memories are the very core of what drives me today to create quality products which are centred on 'clean' beauty solutions to enhance our everyday lives. So with my qualifications as a Medicinal Chemist and a Toxicologist, I have formulated a range of non-toxic, clean, eco-friendly effective skincare which are composed of a selection of organic and vegan ingredients. 

Decroí encompasses a love for nature, a love for beauty, a love for quality and our environment. The Decroí story comes from the heart and I look forward to updating you as it unfolds. 

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