Sanitiser and soap available: combat the coronavirus - it's in our hands

Here at Decroí we have been trying to keep everything running as smoothly as possible despite the unprecedented times we all find ourselves in. As a new start up business, a lot of our work is on a scale which means it can be conducted within our home facility, which means its business as usual for us in terms of sales. We do have some news in relation to our response to coronavirus. In response to these challenging times, we want to do AS MUCH as we possibly can to help combat this pandemic and help people as much as possible.  So we have taken a number of steps in response to the current situation:

  1. We have accelerated our product development of some key products which were already in the pipeline. We are delighted to announce that we have Hand Sanitiser available as a limited edition product on our website now. We also have our Organic Hand Cream and Organic Hand Wash available. As you know, combatting the coronavirus pandemic is IN OUR HANDS and we all have the power to prevent the spread. In this case, its people power that we at Decroí are focused on in addition to our core focus of plant power for our product range. So it is essential to equip ourselves with supplies to clean and care for our hands. In the coming days, we are available to answer any queries you have on our new products via email, social media or the chat feature of our website.
  2. We continue to offer free delivery during these national restrictions and have also introduced 30% OFF across as many of our products as possible until Easter. By sourcing your personal hygiene and care products from an online retailer such as ourselves you can take some of the pressure off those retail staff out on the frontline, particularly pharmacies and supermarkets. Allowing them to be used for their core purposes of the sale of medicines and foods. We have engaged a courier service to dispatch our products, which is a contactless operation and the courier delivers our products to you within 24hrs of dispatch.
  3. We are following all of the HSE guidelines to social distance and have been doing so since before these measures were implemented. As a toxicologist, our founder was acutely aware of the importance of those measures.
  4. We have secured PPE from our contacts oversees which we will be donating to our local hospital. We continue to be involved externally to Decroí in assisting and supporting other organisations to address these challenges so that we can unite in giving back to the frontline and contribute to this collaborative effort in curbing the spread.
  5. As a proud member of guaranteed Ireland we continue to operate according to their processes and practices to optimise the contribution we are making back into the Irish economy and community through our operation. Shopping local and selecting goods with the guaranteed Irish affiliation is how you can play your part from this perspective. Even during your spare time you can help Irish businesses by reviewing their products or services. 

We wish you all a calm and peaceful evening. Stay safe and take care.


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