Happy New Year! 2020 here we come!

As the last few hours of 2019 draw to a close in Ireland, we would like to wish all our followers, fans, family, friends and customers a very happy new year! We are bursting with excitement for whats to come in 2020 as we have big plans for the year ahead! Although tomorrow is just another day, like today and yesterday, we like to look ahead for the year with our dreams and make new goals! This time last year Decroí was in the early stages of development and now look where we are! A website, a wide product portfolio and we are buzzing for the new opportunities that January and 2020 will bring. We have learned, we have worked hard and we have met some of the most amazing people along this journey and we have enjoyed every minute of it!

The holidays are a wonderful chance to embrace what we are grateful for! We are grateful for your feedback, interest and support everyday! We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing businesses and make plans with so many more. We are grateful to have featured and worked alongside many bloggers in 2019 in some incredible venues, to be featured in Inspire Magazine, to showcase at gifted and to have been honoured with Gauranteed Irish status! More than anything we are grateful for the movement towards eco friendly alternatives for everyday living and the surge of positive chances people are making for a more sustainable future! It is our goal to continue to support this through 2020. For now, we are chilling some bubbles and planning our last meal of 2019 in preparation for celebrating the best year yet! The year we welcomed our first born and our most treasured possession our baby boy! 2020 we are ready to welcome you with open arms! 

We wish you all a healthy and happy new year! 

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